You can now get in touch with your customers with quick contact. With this, it gives you the opportunity to :

  • Follow up with your loyal customers
  • Communicate with your customers/prospect easily
  • Able to solve an issue in a speedy way
  • Get a rough idea of what your customer need from your business
  • Collect feedback from customers

📌 Note : The channels supported now would be Email and Whatsapp only. We will add on some channels for quick contact for you so stay tuned!

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore Admin Panel > Customers > Select customers

Step 2 : Click the Email OR Whatsapp icon from the Quick Contact

When you clicked on the Email icon, it will brings you to your Gmail inbox & you can type in the content here

When you clicked on the Whatsapp icon, it will brings you to your Whatsapp Chat

Step 3 : Type in the content > Click the send button and you're are done! 😉

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