Previously, might not able to search via product collections. "No result found"

This article will guide you on how to personalized your product search result. Now, you can customize your product search value such as Product's Description, Collections, Brand name, Tag name and Vendors.

Step 1: Go to EasyStore Admin > Channels > Online Store > Edit source >

search-bar.liquid under snippets

Step 2 : Look for <span class="input-group-btn"> around line 30 - 40 and add the code below for EVERY sections that starts with <input type="search"

<input type='hidden' name='search_extras' value='product-description,brands,collections,tags,vendors'>

Step 3 : Save

💡 Here's some tips for you :

You can add the value that you prefer & remove the ones that you don't need

  • Brands = Brand value
  • Collections = Product Collections value
  • Tags = Product Tags value
  • Vendor = Product Vendor
  • Product Description = Product Description value

Now you can search product with your desired result! 😍

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