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  1. Disable Order & Shipping App Integrations
  2. Disable/Delete Pickup Locations
  3. Disable/Delete Auto Payment Method
  4. Things that you must know

This shortlink checkout was created to help merchant that want to use order form to receive orders but before that, there are 3 things that you should take note. Make sure you have disabled :

Therefore, you will receive order form orders as an unpaid order. You may need to manually mark the order as paid if you have received attachment/receipts from your customers. You may click the button below to have a look on how shortlink checkout looks like :

1. Disable Order & Shipping App Integrations

Go to Apps and disable the Orders & Shipping app integrations available here such as :

  • CollectCo
  • Lalamove Malaysia
  • EasyParcel Malaysia
  • DHL eCommerce
  • EasyShip Logistic
  • EasyParcel Singpore
  • Ninjavan Malaysia
  • J&T Express MY
  • Tarif RajaOngkir Indonesia
  • GoodDeal 智信數位
  • GoodDeal Thailand
  • Lalamove 啦啦快送
  • Lalamove Thailand
  • EasyParcel Thailand
  • Zortout
  • ECPayLogistics綠界科技物流 (新版)
  • 豐收款-超商取貨付款
  • ezShip台灣便利配 (新版)

2. Disable/Delete Pickup Locations

Go to Settings > Locations > Select Pickup Locations > Click "Delete this location" > Save > Done

3. Disable/Delete Auto Payment Methods (Payment Gateways)

Go to Settings > Payment > Select Payment method > Click "Delete" > Save > Done

4. Things that you must know

Now, shortlink checkout order form supports manual payment methods & manual shipping method. You can fill in the payment instructions & customers will be able to upload attachment/receipt after the order has successfully placed via the order form.

For shortlink checkout, customers can directly click on the "Place Order Now" button to place an order, customer does not need to enter the following information :

  • Shipping or Billing address
  • Choose logistics method
  • Choose payment method

The successful order page will be displayed as such :

If either these 3 settings are enabled :

Customers will proceed to the normal checkout page for Whatsapp/LINE order form as the image below :

May refer to this GIF image as extra reference for Whatsapp order form shortlink checkout :

You will see the order from the shortlink checkout in the orders page and the payment status will be displayed as "unpaid". To use this shortlink checkout feature, you may need to arrange payment and logistics method with customer separately.

📌 Note : Shortlink checkout is suitable for those who want to make arrangements manually for shipping & payment information.

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