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  1. Step on how to connect with SQL Account

  2. SQL Frequently asked questions

1. Step on how to connect with SQL Account

Step 1 : Search for "SQL Account" on our EasyStore app's search bar > Install the app

Step 2 : Click on the following to download the SQL Account software:

Step 3 : Complete the downloaded software's installation and this will appear on your screen

📌 Note : If you do not know how to locate the DCF file location, please contact your SQL Account support team to assist you, by default, it will be located at C:\eStream\SQLAccounting

Step 4 :Copy the access key from EasyStore's backend

Paste it on the following field:

  • Access token: access key from your SQL Account app on EasyStore

  • Username & password: your SQL Account's username and password

  • DCF file location: your DCF file for your SQL Account software

  • Select which database to use: your FDB file for your SQL Account software

Step 5 : Once all the required conditions have been filled and tallied, you will see your SQL Account app on EasyStore status will change to Connected and the SQL Account Importer (or Import Tool) will automatically start up your SQL Account software whenever you open the importer.

Options to start importing will be shown after configurations have been made correctly. The status of the connection on EasyStore will change to Connected.

📌 Note : This integration works as accounting software. Whereby the orders, customers' details, and products will be sent to your SQL software, including auditing.

2. SQL Frequently asked questions

1. What data is posting to SQL Account?

Customer, Product, and Order data. You are able to pick and choose on the import controls sections under "What to import".

2. Sales data from the online store & POS sync to SQL on is a live basis or need to manually post it daily?

Need to post it daily.

3. If I updated the item quantity in SQL, will it sync to EasyStore?

No, our synchronize process only supports one-way sync for now ( EasyStore > SQL )

4. When there is a Shopee/Lazada Order which is synced to EasyStore, will it also sync to SQL?

Yes, but currently it does not support including info like Shopee/Lazada sponsored shipping or sponsored discounts

5. What will be synced?

Currently paid orders, customer and inventory stock details will be exported.

6. Does the application import order in the background?

No. It is advised the leave the application on during the import.

7. Does it also sync overseas orders?

Yes. Please make sure you have also created the currencies in SqlAccount. Errors will appear if the currency is not supported?

8. There was errors using the sync what to do?

Please check if the currency matches the customer and order. Kindly be informed that currently, it does not support if the customer has paid in two currencies. Please manually insert the order.

9. Will the store credit reward data post into SQL Account too?

Our mobile app does not send customer credit amount but does add the credit applied to orders as a line item in SQLAccount

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