⚠️ Important note : If you have synced an EasyStore product to your Lelong account, deleting this product from EasyStore will also delete the product from your Lelong account and it is unrecoverable.

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  • Synchronization includes
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About Lelong

Lelong.my is Malaysia homegrown online marketplace, offers end to end e-Commerce platform, connecting more than 8,000 merchants with 2.2 million registered members to a variety of products and services. Lelong.my provides a safe and trustworthy online trading, the members are covered under its Buyer Protection Program (BPP) when purchases are made through Lelong.my’s payment system, NetPay, approved by Bank Negara.

Synchronization includes

  • Products (description, price, images)
  • Orders from Lelong 
  • Fulfillment can be done on EasyStore order page

Integrate Lelong

Important note

Make sure you have:

i. Subscribed to Lelong.my WebStore Plus;
ii. Subscribed and activated NetPay in your web store.

1. Log in your Lelong account

2. Go to Home > Member > My Store > API setting

3. Copy the API key

4. Log in to EasyStore > Apps > Browse all apps > Lelong Marketplace > Install App

5. Fill in your User ID, API Key & required fields > Save changes

Product state - The location of your product
Ship to location - The location you ship to
Ship within - Delivery timeline
Payment Method - The payment method(s) you accept (Can choose more than one)
Shipping Method - The shipping method you provide (Can choose more than one)
Who pay - The party who pays the shipping fee

6.  Go to Products > Ensure which product to sync > Click "+" > Lelong Marketplace > Publish

Important note:
Sync in bulk is not allowed at this moment.

7. Choose the category for your product

Note: These details are needed by Lelong Marketplace

8. Fill in the shipping fee (it will show on Lelong) > Submit

9. Listing is successful

View products on Lelong panel

1. Log in your Lelong account > Home > Member > My Selling > Edit & Boost Listing

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