Instragram storefront refers to a page which showcase your products with Instagram interface. It sounds nothing different from your online store but bear in mind that it gives your followers a sense of comfort because they do not have to switch and spend time to get familiar with another interface when they can't wait to place order! So wait no more, let's set up your Instagram storefront now.

📌 Important Note:

The maximum number of products that will be displayed on the Instagram storefront is 50 products only, whereas products 51 and above will not be displayed

Step 1 : Go to your EasyStore Admin > Channels > Instagram > click Enable Instagram.

Step 2 : Log in to your Instagram account.

Step 3 : Click Continue to allow EasyStore to access your profile info and media.

Step 4 : Your Instagram storefront has been created successfully, yes it's that simple. You may select the product collection you would like to show in your Instagram storefront > Save

Step 5 : Now copy and paste the link as your website in your Instagram profile, you can share it anywhere you like too.

Step 6 : Now your Instagram visitors can follow the link and start shopping on your Instagram storefront. Once they found the product they like, they can click into the product.

Step 7 : Further click on shopping bag button to buy.

Step 8 : Select variant ( if any ) > fill in customer details > click Buy Now button.

Step 9 : Customer will be brought to your store to complete checkout and place order.

Step 10 : The order will then be synced back to your EasyStore order list for you to further manage e.g. follow up or fulfill order.

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