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  1. Introduction
  2. Connect EasyParcel Singapore account to your store
  3. Fulfill order with EasyParcel Singapore

1. Introduction

EasyParcel brings you best delivery rate on domestic and international deliveries. Benefits of using EasyParcel Singapore services in your store include:

  • Auto calculate shipping rates from multiple courier companies
  • Have your EasyStore orders pushed to EasyParcel within few clicks
  • Support downloadable and printed air waybills
  • Provide free parcel pickup service

📌 You MUST complete the steps below before you can use EasyParcel app in your store :

2. Connect EasyParcel account to your store

Step 1: In your EasyParcel dashboard, click on “Integrations”.

Step 2: Click “Add New Store

Step 3: Choose “EasyStore”.

Step 4: Click “Integrate”.

Step 5: Log in to your EasyStore account if you haven’t or skip this step if you are already logged in.

Step 6: Go to EasyStore admin panel > Apps > More Apps > Search for EasyParcel Singapore and click “Install this app”.

Step 7: Login to your EasyParcel Singpore account

Step 8: Click “Save” and done.

3. Fulfill order with EasyParcel Singapore

Step 1: Go to your EasyStore orders page and click on the order number

Step 2: Click on the ‘Fulfill’ button and then click on “EasyParcel Singapore”.

Step 3: Check if the item weight is correct. If it’s wrong, click on the pencil button to edit it > Choose a pickup date if you wish to choose a different date from the date shown.

Step 4: Choose your preferred courier service and then click on ‘Fulfill Order’ button.

Step 5: Click on ‘Download your AirWaybill’ button to view and download the air waybill. Remember to print and attach the air waybill to your parcel. You may also click on ‘EasyParcel Portal’ text to go to your EasyParcel all shipments page or click on ‘Return To EasyStore’ button to view or fulfil other EasyStore orders.

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