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  1. Page shop

  2. Product promoter

  3. Tracking pixel

  4. Facebook Product Catalogue

1. Page shop

This function sync your EasyStore products to your Facebook product catalog and publish these products in your Facebook page.

By clicking into the product in your Facebook Shop tab, customers can simply further click on Checkout on Website button to proceed to your store and make online payment to buy the product.

📌 Note :

  • The description of product here will follow the product meta description which can be changed by editing product SEO

  • You can also create Facebook ads for these products too.

2. Product promoter

This function allows you to post your store products on your Facebook page and system will auto-respond with comment and private message when keyword is detected in the post comments.

  • Post caption format - will be shown when you post products to your Facebook page

  • Public comment reply - system will auto reply to customer's comment

  • Private message - and system will auto "pm" customer as well

  • Keyword filter - when any of the keywords is detected under post comments

  • Enable shortlink - use shorten product link in the format

  • Support EasyStore - shows you're supporting EasyStore in your post caption

After done the setting, you can now go to Admin > Products > click on the down arrow > Post to post your products on Facebook page.

The result of post and responses show like this:

3. Tracking pixel

Easily install Facebook pixel in your store within few clicks. Once you have connected your Facebook account with EasyStore, the Conversion API will be connected and you will be able to track the following events after connected to your pixel :

  • AddToCart

  • InitiateCheckout

  • AddPaymentInfo

  • OrderPaid

  • OrderPlace

  • Search

4. Facebook Product Catalogue

For your information, you do not have to manually add products to Facebook Product Catalogue if you already connect Facebook with EasyStore. By default, products in EasyStore will be updated to Facebook Product Catalogue every day at the scheduled time.

Now, we have enhanced the Facebook Product Catalogue where it supports more detailed synchronization which includes :

  • Synchronization in variants level (previously was products level only)

  • Added inventory field

  • Added sale_price (include promotion calculation)

  • Added fb_product_category field

  • Added recommended attributes fields associated with fb_product_category

  • Choose to publish or unpublish the product on Facebook Product Catalogue

  • Can specify Facebook Products Category field for each product

  • Can specify fields recommended by Facebook based on Facebook Products Category selected

If you wish to use the features above, refer Connecting with Facebook - Part 1 ( Setup guide ) to connect your store with Facebook now :)

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