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  1. Introduction
  2. Connect J&T Express Malaysia account to your store
  3. Fulfill order and send parcel using J&T Express Malaysia service

1. Introduction

J&T Express Malaysia provides nationwide delivery service in Malaysia. The service that EasyStore integrated are:

  • Door-to-door service
  • Point-to-door service (self drop off parcel at point)
  • Bulk/single fulfill order(s)
  • Bulk/single download airway bill(s)
  • This integration does not have auto-shipping calculation (you will need to get the rate from J&T Express and set up the shipping rate in your admin panel)

The payment invoice of parcels will be sent to you by J&T Express Malaysia monthly.

📌 You MUST complete the steps below before you can use J&T Express app in your store

  • Add your pickup location. You can disable the location if you do not wish to let customers go and pickup their parcels there, J&T Express still can use a disabled location.
  • J&T Express Key account manager (based on region) will contact you to register an account with J&T Express. They will provide the Custcode and API Key to you once the process is done.

2. Connect J&T Express Malaysia account to your store

2.1 Go to EasyStore app > Search for J&T Express and install the app.

2.2 Fill up all the details under Setups.

  • Custcode and API Key (obtain from J&T Express Malaysia when your account application is completed)
  • Sender First and Last Name: your brand name as the parcel sender
  • Sender phone: your business contact number
  • Select your preferred format to print airway bill (A4 as default)

2.3 Select Location name being your pickup location under Company information.

  • You can add store locations in Admin > Settings > Locations.

2.4 Your J&T Express app setup is now completed.

3. Fulfill orders using J&T Express Malaysia service

💡 Tips : Now J&T Express supports bulk fulfillment max 50 orders at once. Kindly ensure that the orders are paid, not cancelled or archived in order to bulk fulfill the orders successfully.

3.1 Go to Orders > click into the order > Fulfill >J&T Express Malaysia.

3.2 Choose your preferred service method (Pickup OR Dropoff)> > click Fulfill order and your delivery order will be passed over to J&T Express automatically.

Pickup : J&T Express Malaysia will pick up the parcels from your location.

Important note: A minimum of RM5 pick up service fee will be imposed if parcels' quantity less than 5 units at the same pick up location (same day).
Dropoff: You will dropoff the parcels at their point.

3.3 Done. You can now download your airway bills by bulk or individually.

Bulk download : Go to EasyStore Admin Panel > Orders > Check the orders that you wish to print airway bills > More actions > Download J&T Express Malaysia AWB

Singel download: Within order page > More actions > Download J&T Express Malaysia AWB 

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