Referral Marketing is a quick and convenient feature for businesses who would like to boost their sales using referral program.

About Referral Marketing (also known as Referral Program)

  • You can generate a unique link for different people (e.g influencers, agents, sales persons, friends) and assign different commission percentage.
  • Commission will be auto-calculated and displayed in referral setting page, order page, order export file.
  • This feature available in Business plan

Step 1 : EasyStore Admin Panel > Channels > Referral Program > Add referral

Insert the referral code, their name, email address, and the commission rate you going to reward them.

Step 2 : Copy the link and share to your referral, and let them start promoting

Step 3 : If there's any sales referred by them, you will see it in :

  • Referral setting page;
  • Order page;
  • Order export file (you can filter by referral name)

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