This feature launched in beta mode on 10 Apr 2020. We will gradually enhance this feature in the coming weeks.

About WhatsApp/LINE Order Form

  • Just create a form and you will get a permanent link for every form created, the link is a shorten link (e.g. that can be shared across your social media, messaging app. 
  • Customers can place order and make payment via WhatsApp/LINE
  • You can create different form that include different products. For example, one form is for seafood, another form is for meat. 
  • We suggest one form includes not more than 30 products for the best mobile scrolling experience for your customers.
  • This feature is included in EasyStore Standard & Business Plan.

How it works

Message from customers

  1. Customer messages you on WhatsApp/LINE
  2. Send them your order form link
  3. Customer choose the products they want, fill up details > "Send Message" to ask more questions or "Buy Now" to proceed with payment
  4. You receive order via WhatsApp/LINE
  5. If "Send Message" was pressed, a second link will be generated, customer can click this link to proceed with payment too

Share link on social media/message app

  1. Customer clicks the link to place order
  2. You receive orders via WhatsApp/LINE
  3. Customer can click second link to pay

This is a demo on the conversation

Setup for WhatsApp/LINE Order Form

1. Admin panel > Marketing > Order forms

2. Settings > Fill in your display name and mobile number (start with country code, e.g 60) that will be receiving orders

3. Save

4. Back to Order forms > Add order form
5. Insert title > Choose products for your form

6. Choose the information you need from customers

7. Save > Get your form link

8. Share this link to your customers and start receiving orders via WhatsApp and LINE

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