This feature launched in beta mode on 10 Apr 2020. We will gradually enhance this feature in the coming weeks.

About WhatsApp/LINE Order Form

  • Just create a form and you will get a permanent link for every form created, the link is a shorten link (e.g. that can be shared across your social media, messaging app. 
  • Customers can place order and make payment (both manual & auto payment getaway for normal checkout) via WhatsApp/LINE
  • For WhatsApp/LINE shortlink checkout, only support manual payment method.
  • You can create different form that include different products. For example, one form is for seafood, another form is for meat. 
  • We suggest one form includes not more than 30 products for the best mobile scrolling experience for your customers.
  • This feature is included in EasyStore Standard & Business Plan

How it works

Message from customers

  1. Customer messages you on WhatsApp/LINE
  2. Send them your order form link
  3. Customer choose the products they want, fill up details > "Send Message" to ask more questions or "Buy Now" to proceed with payment
  4. You receive order via WhatsApp/LINE
  5. If "Send Message" was pressed, a second link will be generated, customer can click this link to proceed with payment too

  1. Customer clicks the link to place order
  2. You receive orders via WhatsApp/LINE
  3. Customer can click second link to pay

This is a demo on the conversation :

Setup for WhatsApp/LINE Order Form

Step 1 : Admin panel > Channels > Whatsapp or LINE

Step 2 : Settings > Fill in your display name and mobile number (start with country code, e.g 60) that will be receiving orders

Step 3 : Save

Step 4 : Back to Order forms > Add order form

Step 5 : Insert title > Choose products for your form

Step 6 : Choose the information you need from customers

Step 7 : Save > Get your form link

Step 8 : Share this link to your customers and start receiving orders via WhatsApp and LINE

Shortlink checkout is available if you do not enable any of the shipping, pickup & auto payment method. Customers will be directed to 'Shortlink Checkout Page' for order form if you have enabled these 3. If either these 3 are enabled, customers will proceed to the normal checkout page for order form.

When customer placed order in shortlink checkout page, customer do not have to fill in any details like shipping address or choose any payment method as you did not enabled any of it. You will receive order form orders as an unpaid order.

You may need to coordinate the payment or delivery between you & your customers. Here would be the link to show you how Shortlink Checkout Page looks like:

Shortlink checkout for Whatsapp & LINE Order Form

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