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1. What is transfer domain?

Transferring a domain to EasyStore means you change your domain registrar to EasyStore and EasyStore will become your domain host. Your subsequent domain renewal will be paid to EasyStore, suitable for users who wish to manage their online store and domain together at EasyStore.

Learn more about the benefits of purchase domain (from) / transfer domain (to) EasyStore.

2. 8 things to look into before transfering your domain

Step 1: Only domains with the following extension can be transferred to EasyStore:

.co, .com, .net, .biz, .info, .me, .be, .it, .name, .click, .space, .club, .top,  .link, .one, .work, .xyz, .kim, .pet, .pro, .gift, .sexy, .run, .supply, .today, .family, .live, .studio, .trade, .online, .boutique, .camera, .care, .store

Step 2: Please make sure your domain has been registered for more than 60 days.

Step 3: Please make sure your domain is unlocked.

Step 4: Please make sure your domain privacy setting is set to public at your host.

Step 5: Please make sure the domain is an active domain with more than 30 days expiry as the domain might expire during the process, causing it to be inaccessible.

Step 6: Please make sure that the domain is not expired. Expired domains are not allowed to be transferred.

Step 7: Make sure the admin / registrant email address for the domain is your own email address because a verification email will be sent to you in order to proceed with the transfer.

You may check your domain contact info here. If it's not your email address, you may request your current service provider to change it.

Step 8: Be informed that a fee that includes a one-year domain renewal will be charged to your card in order to complete the transfer.

3. Request transfer

Once confirmed, you may provide us with your domain details as below to request for transfer.

Domain name:
Organization name:
Domain Registrant Name:
Contact number:
Email address:

💡 Tips: Reach us by dropping a message at floating Chatbox

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