1. About the Program

EasyStore Partner Program allows you to work with a SaaS product that provides your clients with customised commerce solutions. EasyStore had powered over 40,000 business, with that said, you have endless opportunities to grow your business with EasyStore as well.

Groups of designers, developers, marketers, and affiliates had joined this program and been using EasyStore to build ecommerce websites, themes, and apps at their own convenience way.

2. How to Earn Revenue

There are many different ways that you can earn revenue through EasyStore's Partner Program. 

You can earn by:

  1. Building customised commerce solution for clients
    (e.g. online store, POS, wholesale portal)
  2. Selling apps on EasyStore App Store (📌coming soon)
  3. Selling themes on EasyStore Theme Store (📌coming soon)
  4. Referring merchants to use EasyStore
    (Note: After you've applied to the Affiliate Program and are approved, you can earn commission by referring merchants to EasyStore using your unique affiliate link. You'll be paid a bounty payment for every merchants who subscribes to EasyStore paid plan through your link.)

For case ¹ ² ³
The earning potential depends on what you build and how you sell your services bundled with EasyStore solution to clients.

For case ⁴
For the 12-months, 24-months, 36-months plan, you will earn 20% from total package pricing.
For the monthly plan, you will earn 100% bounty for the first month subscription and 20% commission for the following months. 

3. Benefits of being EasyStore Partners

Being a EasyStore Partner gives you access to all kinds of benefits to help your business grow and help you find success. Below is a roundup of just some of the resources.

Development stores

A development store is a free EasyStore account that comes with all the features unlocked. You can use a development store as a testing ground for apps or themes you’re working on, or to set up a store for a client.

Join the Community

The EasyStore Partner Program has an active and supportive community for you to get involved with. This community is a great place to learn from partners at all stages of business growth, get technical advice and help, and discuss the latest trends in ecommerce with peers from around the world.
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Partner Success Support

If you ever feel stuck on your journey as a EasyStore Partner, then help is never too far away. There are a few different ways to ask questions and get answers:

  • There are documents to help you learn about EasyStore, design themes, or started with EasyStore's APIs.
  • As a EasyStore Partner, you have access to support through chat (near the bottom right of the Partner dashboard). With the priority partner support, you can quickly resolve questions that you or your clients might have.

4. Get Started Today

The best way to get started and learn as a EasyStore Partner is to create a development store and explore what it can do. This helps you to get familiar with both how your clients use EasyStore, and what you can do as a EasyStore Partner.

You can create a development store directly from your Partner Dashboard.
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