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  1. Set up Facebook Comments app
  2. Set up Comments Moderation Tool ( optional )

1. Set up Facebook Comments app

1.1 Go to EasyStore Admin > Apps > search for Facebook Comments and install.

1.2 Scroll down to 'Settings' and choose your preferred display settings > Save.

1.3 Done. Now your customers will be able to comment on your products via their Facebook accounts. They can choose whether to post this comment on their Facebook home page or not.

2. Implement Comments Moderation Tool ( optional )

2.1 This step is needed only if you wish to manage and review all the comments in one place.

2.2 First, you need to create a Facebook App ID at Facebook for Developers.

2.3 Go to Facebook for Developers and log in with your personal Facebook account.

  • Tips: If you already have a Facebook App ID, you may jump to step 2.6 after this.

2.4 Go to My Apps > Add New App.  

2.5 Insert 'Display Name' > 'Contact Email' will be auto-filled with your Facebook login email > Create App ID > complete the security check.

2.6 Go to Settings > Basic and obtain your App ID.

2.7 Go back to your EasyStore Facebook Comments app > Advanced setup > Step 2 to paste the App ID > Save.

2.8 Now you may go to Facebook for Developers > Tools > Comments Moderation Tool to manage and review all Facebook comments on your products. 

2.9. Done.

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