Pointing a domain to EasyStore means that you already bought a domain from another domain provider and you want to set it as your store URL in EasyStore.

When you already have a domain at NameCheap, you can point your domain to EasyStore by pointing the domain DNS Records as below :

  • A Record:

  • CNAME: yourdomainname.com (without the www in front)

  • TXT Records: please refer to the steps in this help article to obtain the TXT Records

Here we provide a step-by-step guideline for you to point the domain from NameCheap to EasyStore

Step 1 : Kindly login to your Namecheap account. Click Domain List > Click 'Manage'

Step 2 : You will be redirected to the page below, click 'Advanced DNS' 

Step 3
Type: CNAME Record
Host: www
Value: Your domain name > Click :heavy_check_mark:
(In this case, my domain is easystorethebest.club)

Step 4
Type: Change to 'A Record'
Host: @
Value: > Press :heavy_check_mark:

📌 Note: Kindly ensure that there is only one A Record. If there is more than one A Record, the domain will not be able to point to EasyStore.

Step 5 : Completed and correct DNS record. You can ignore the TTL section, use default TTL given will do.

📌 Important note: Changing the DNS setting may take up to 24 hours to take effect. 

Step 6 : After you have pointed your domain to EasyStore. You will need to access your EasyStore account and go to Channels > Online Store > Domains.

Step 7 : In your domain's settings, click on 'Add existing domain' under Active domain, enter your domain and click 'Confirm'.

Step 8 : Your domain will show 'Not verified' once the domain has been added. Click on the wording 'Not verified' to verify your domain.

Step 9 : After verification, the status of your domain will show 'Unsecured'. Click on the Edit button > Activate free SSL to secure your website. More about SSL certificate

Step 10 : Done

Once SSL is activated, your domain is now secured! 😍

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