Dragonpay is a Philippines third party payment gateway solution. Dragonpay automatically monitors the online and offline payments and notify merchants of a completed payment so they can ship the goods or render the service.

This article will guide you through the set ups of Dragonpay testing environment in EasyStore. 

Remark: In order to proceed with the steps below. You must first set the currency of your store into PHP (Philipines Peso).

  1. Go to EasyStore Admin Panel > Settings > Payment > Dragonpay 

2. Key in the Merchant ID, and paste Secret Key, the click "Save".

Note: Key in the secret key that is for testing purposes, not the LIVE secret key. 

3. After activated, you may click "disabled" to prevent the customer to select the Dragonpay payment method as it is still under testing environment. 

4. Go to your website, add the product to cart and proceed to the checkout page.

5. Add "?testing=true" at the end of URL, and press "Enter" to refresh the page. 

6. After the page refreshed, you may click "Place Order Now". You will be able to see pop-up regarding on the Dragonpay Test Environment. 

7.  Select Bogus Bank ONLY, because this is still in testing. Then proceed to tick "I agree.." , then press "Select"

8. Another similar pop-up will appear, you can key in any Log in id and any  Password.

9. Proceed from there you will find another pop-up. Choose any and then press "Pay". 

10. Check your orders at your Admin Panel.

After you test all of the above, you will be able to go live anytime you want 😉

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