Role play as a customer to place an order with real transaction to ensure that checkout process including settings for order processing, payment, shipping, and taxes are correct.

In this article:

  1. Place a test order
  2. Manage test order

1. Place a test order

1.1 Go to your online store.

1.2 Add an item into cart > check out.

1.3 Complete your shipping and payment options with details > click Place Order Now.

1.4 Order placed successfully.

2. Manage test order

2.1 Now you have received this order in your EasyStore Admin > Orders where you can manage this order.

  • You'll be notified via email for new order received.

2.2 When the order Payment status turns Paid, it means the test order is successful.

2.3 And now you can proceed to fulfill this test order and make sure customers ( yourself in this case ) get notified with their parcel tracking info.

2.4 Once fulfillment done, your test order is considered completed ! =)

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