Once you have completed the steps for the online store setup checklist below :

You may have role play as a customer for your EasyStore website to go through the purchase & checkout flow. Roleplay as a customer to place an order with the real transaction to ensure that checkout process including settings for order processing, payment, shipping, and taxes are correct.

In this article :

  1. Place a test order

  2. Manage test order

1. Place a test order

Step 1 : Go to Channels > Online Store and click the icon to preview your online store

Step 2 : Add an item into cart > Click the Check Out button

Step 3 : Complete your shipping and payment options with details > click Place Order Now. Learn more on how customers choosing delivery method and options.

Step 4 : Order placed successfully.

2. Manage test order

Step 1 : Now you have received this order in your EasyStore Admin > Orders where you can manage this order.

📌 Note : You'll be notified via email for new orders received

Step 2 : When the order Payment status turns Paid, it means the test order is successful. Here is the article to set up payment method

Step 3 : And now you can proceed to fulfill this test order and make sure customers ( yourself in this case ) get notified with their parcel tracking info.

Step 4 : Once fulfillment done, your test order is considered completed. May refer to the guide here to know more about Order Status!

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