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  1. About shipping method
  2. Introduce EasyParcel Malaysia Rate app
  3. Create zone
  4. Set up shipping method for each zone

1. About shipping method

Shipping method refers to how you ship / deliver your products to your customers and how much you will be charging. Different method can be different in terms of:

  • Courier service provider ( Pos Laju, Skynet, FedEx, etc. )
  • Calculation method ( by weight, by item quantity, etc. )
  • Rate ( RM7 per kg, RM5 per item, etc. )

2. Introduce EasyParcel Malaysia Rate app

If you ship from Malaysia, you can install EasyParcel Malaysia app. This app auto-calculate shipping fees across Malaysia at checkout. Refer here to know how this app works in details.

3. Create zone

3.1 Before creating shipping methods, you need to create your shipping areas which we call zones. You can separate your zones by countries / states / zip codes, as you prefer.

3.2 Go to EasyStore Admin > Settings > Shippings > Add shipping zone

3.3 Name this zone and select the country this zone belongs to.

3.4 Once country is selected, you will be prompted to further select sub-regions ( by zip codes or states ).

  • Tips: one zip code / state can only be used in one zone

Type in zip code - define your zone by manually inserting zip codes

Select from list - define your zone by selecting from the list of states

4. Set up shipping method for each zone

4.1 Next, add a shipping method for this zone.

  • Tips: one zone can have multiple shipping methods, you can add another after complete one method

4.2 Fill in the settings for this shipping method. You may refer to links below for the setting guide for each shipping method.

Shipping methods (Based on weight)
Shipping methods (Based on item quantity)
Shipping methods (Flat rate per item)
Shipping methods (Flat rate per order)

4.3 Save and done. You may now proceed to create the next zone ( if applicable ).

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