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About Payment and Commission

1. What are your payment options?

Paypal is the payment option for you to withdraw the commission from your affiliate dashboard. There are no settlement charges and minimum withdrawal amount.

Kindly update your PayPal email at the affiliate dashboard > Settings > PayPal account for commission withdrawal.

2. How much can I earn with EasyStore?

Every subscription from your affiliate link is earning a fixed amount of commission from each successful subscription regardless of the monthly and yearly subscription plan.

Referred countries

Commission earned

Referred Malaysian merchant


Referred other countries' merchant


3. How do I withdraw my commission?

You will need to fill in the form here for account verification before withdrawing the commission.

Once you have filled in, kindly find us through the chatbox on our website or send an email to to request commission withdrawal, and we will proceed with it.

Yes, you're still able to receive a commission as the new store created by your client is still counted under your referral link.

About Affiliate Dashboard

You can log in to your affiliate dashboard, go to Affiliate Tools > Your unique referral link to get the links.

2. How do I keep track of my performance and commission?

You can log in to your affiliate dashboard and check your performance and commission earning at Affiliate Tools > Performance.

3. How do I embed my referral code into a URL?

This is very useful when you want to share EasyStore blog to your audience or when you get a special promo from us and you want to provide to your clients.

You can go to your affiliate dashboard > Affiliate Tools > Your unique referral link and copy your code started from ?ref=yourreferralcode and paste it to the end of the URL that you want to embed.

For instance, you want to embed it to one of EasyStore blog, kindly add it as "EasyStore blog URL" + "?ref=yourreferralcode", like the example below.

4. What is development store?

Development store allows you to get familiar with our admin panel, create a store to demonstrate to your clients, or help to create a store for your clients.

Development store has a 1-year period, full features access, but has a limitation to 100 orders placed only. Development store will turn into a real store when you chose and paid for a plan.

5. How do I update my affiliate information?

You can log in to your affiliate dashboard > Settings and change your information anytime.

6. What if I have more questions and need helps?

You can reach us through Our support team is ready to help you.

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