In this article:

  1. Getting ready product information
  2. Adding product without variants
  3. Adding product with variants e.g. color, size

1. Getting ready product information

You will need to fill in the following information to complete a product creation:

  • Product image
  • Product title 
  • Product description
  • Product variants e.g. size, color ( if applicable )
  • Product selling price

2. Adding product without variants

2.1 Go to EasyStore Admin > Products > Add product.

2.2 Name your product Title and insert its Description.

  • Product description should be as clear as possible, you may share the "how-to-use" idea, it will help on SEO

2.3 Images section - upload product image(s).

  • High definition and square image is recommended ( ratio 1:1 e.g. 800*800px )

2.4 Variants section - skip this section since this product does not have any variants.

2.4 Pricing section:

  • Price - selling price
  • Compare at price - displayed as discounted 'slashed price' in storefront ( optional )
  • Cost price - product cost ( optional )
  • Taxable product - check this box if taxes apply on this product

2.5 Inventory section:

  • SKU and Barcode are optional
  • Inventory control - if 'EasyStore tracks inventory of this product' is selected, product Quantity will be auto deducted upon receive order and product will be marked 'SOLD OUT' when out of stock

2.6 Shipping section:

  • Weight and Dimension will be used to calculate shipping fees at checkout
  • Check This product is free shipping box if this product is shipped free to all locations ( handling fee will not be exempted for free shipping product )

2.7 Search engine optimization section - edit meta description for your product.

  • It should contain keywords that potential customers will search for

2.8 Save and done.

3. Adding product with variants e.g. color, size

3.1 Start with steps 2.1 to 2.2 above.

3.2 Images section - upload product images including image for each variant.

3.3 Variants sections - click Add variants to start adding variants:

  • Maximum of 3 option types
  • Use comma "," to separate option values
  • You can insert SKU, Price, Compare at price, Cost price and Barcode at this step
  • The remaining info can be inserted in step 3.8 later

3.4 Variants settings section:

  • If 'EasyStore tracks inventory of this product' is selected, you can scroll upwards back to Variants section to insert inventory quantity or insert in step 3.8 later

3.5 Search engine optimization section - refer to step 2.7 above.

3.6 Save and Edit again to insert additional variants info.

3.7 Scroll down to to Variants section and click Edit variants.

3.8 Now you will be able to insert more variants info e.g. variant Image, Inventory, Weight and Dimension.

3.9 Save and done. You may now upload the next product or use Import tool to bulk import more products.

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