Note: Wholesale portal is only available in
EasyStore Business plan.

Wholesale portal is a password-protected private B2B portal which let you offer exclusive wholesale prices just for the logged in customers. Using wholesale portal, you can easily create different price list with volume-based discount for a same product and assign selected customers to the custom price list. Once logged in, your customers will be able to see just-for-them prices and place order 24/7 with instant quotation just by inserting their order quantity. No more manual quotation needed.

In this article:

  1. Enabling wholesale portal
  2. Creating wholesale price lists for products
  3. Assigning customers to custom price lists

1. Enabling wholesale portal

1.1 To start, you need to first enable your wholesale portal. Go to EasyStore Admin > Wholesale > Enable.

1.2 Once done, your wholesale portal goes live. Your wholesale store URL can be found in Admin > Wholesale > Settings.

2. Creating wholesale price lists for products

2.1 Start creating discounted wholesale prices for your B2B customers. In Admin > Wholesale > Price lists, click on 'Add Price list'.

2.2 Insert your preferred price list name > click on 'Add discount rule(s)'.

2.3 There are 3 types of discount rules : Storewide, Collections and Products. Each price list can contain multiple rules. System will apply discount based on priority of each rule. Rules with smaller priority numbers have the higher priority.

2.4 Select your discount rule type > Select collection/product ( except Storewide rule ) > Confirm.

2.5 Create percentage discount or fix prices to the rules created > Save.

Storewide - Create percentage discount for all products in your store. This rule will always be assigned with the lowest priority ( biggest priority number ). If not, all other rules will fail.

Collections - Create percentage discount for selected collections. The discount will only apply on the selected collection itself, not including their sub-collection and mini-collection. You can create discount for sub-collection and mini-collection in another rule.

Products - Fix wholesale prices for products/variants. By using volume break, you can fix different prices for different order quantity. You can also determine the increment quantity to require your customers to order in bulk.

3. Assigning customers to custom price lists

3.1 Add customers into this price list and invite them to your wholesale portal.

3.2 The invited customers will receive an email to activate their account with your wholesale portal. Once logged in, the customers will be able to place order with wholesale prices.

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