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In this article:

  1. About credit

  2. Credit setting

  3. Manually add credit to customers

  4. How customers use their credits

1. About Credit

The credit feature allows you to reward your customers with credit, and refund your customers with a credit instead of cash. Your customers can spend the collected credit during their next purchase.

2. Credit setting

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore Admin > Promotions > Add promotion > scroll down to the bottom and select your preferred credit tool.

Step 2 : Enter your promotion title (it will not show to customers) > Enter storefront display title (it will display to customers on cart page)

💡 Tips : Credit promotion title will only appear on the shopping cart if the credit promotion is applicable with voucher code.

Step 3 : Select your credit option.

(a) By percentage - gives X% of total order amount as credit.
(b) By fixed amount - gives $X credit for every $Y spent
(c) Fixed amount per order - gives $X credit for each order

Step 4 : Select total spent amount calculation method.

Step 5 : Select conditions to be entitled for credit.

Step 6 : Set active dates (Optional if you want the credit promotion to have a time limit)

Step 7 : Apply extra condition (Optional)

💡 Tips :

  • Voucher code : Required to be entered during checkout

  • Target customers: Promotion applies to Public/ Logged-in members/ Selected customer groups

  • Store usage limit: Total number of usage for this promotion

  • Each customer usage limit: Usage limit per customer for this promotion

Step 8 : Done

3. Manually add credit to customers 

Step 1 : EasyStore Admin > Customers > Click into customer who you want to give credit.

Step 2 : Click on 'Edit profile' > under column 'Credit', insert credit amount > Save.

Step 3 : Done.

4. How customers use their credit

Step 1 : Customers can check on their credit balance in 'My Account' page.

Step 2 : And they will be able to apply for their credit at the checkout 'Payment method' page.

Step 3 : Once applied, the credit balance will be deducted from the order total amount.

Step 4 : Credit redeemed will be shown in order details.

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