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  1. About this tool and example

  2. Create this promotion

  3. Promotion settings

  4. Extra conditions

1. About this tool and example

This tool will apply discount to storewide products with no minimum spend required

2. Create this promotion

2.1 Go to EasyStore Admin > Promotions > Add promotion > select Discount > 20% OFF for any purchase.

2.2 Enter your preferred titles:

Promotion title - for your own reference only, not shown to customers.
Storefront display title - will be displayed to customers at various pages.

3. Promotion settings

Discount option

By percentage - discount by X% of order subtotal
By fixed amount - discount a fixed $X amount from order subtotal

Active dates

Set promotion start date. To set promotion end date, uncheck 'No expiry date' and the selection box will appear.

4. Extra conditions

4.1 These conditions are optional and you may leave them as default if they are not applicable.

4.2 If applicable, orders fulfilling all the conditions in promotion settings above must also fulfill the extra conditions below to enjoy the promotion.

Voucher code - if applicable, customers must apply the voucher code at checkout
Target customers - who can use this promotion
Store usage limit - how many times can this promotion be used in total
Each customer usage limit - how many times each customer can use this promotion

💡 Tips and must-know

  • Once done, you may refer to the Summary at the right side to confirm before saving ( once saved can't be edited ).

  • Colors of promotion label can be changed, refer this guide for instruction.

  • One order can only apply one discount code.

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