To see Ecommerce data in your Analytics reports, you need to :

  • Enable Ecommerce for each view in which you want to see data.

  • Add tracking code to your site or app to collect the ecommerce data and send it to Analytics. To complete this task, you need to be comfortable editing HTML and coding in JavaScript, or have help from an experienced web developer.

However, our platform do have the ready Google Analytics App to help you inject the important tracking code to the respective coding section in the back-end web coding part without any technical knowledge. Let's get started : 

Part I: Install Google Analytics

Step 1 : Install the "Google Analytics" App from our EasyStore App Store.

Step 2 : Sign up (you may log in if you have an gmail account ) an account at Google Analytics.

Step 3 : After that, remote to the Admin panel at the bottom left: 

Step 4 : Click Create Property

Step 5 : then click Show Advanced Options

Step 6 : Turn on "Create a Universal Analytics property"

After created, you can look for the tracking ID that start with UA-XXXXX inside Admin > Property Settings > Tracking ID

Step 7 : Copy and paste the "Tracking ID" into the Google Analytics App column. 

7.1 Ecommerce version

Select "Enhanced Ecommerce" for Google Analytics to see the Enhanced Ecommerce reports in the Conversions section. 

Note: Kindly make sure you have turn on "Enable Ecommerce" and "Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting" like screenshot below in you Google Analytics ecommerce setting

7.2 Purchase event
There are 3 tracking methods for purchase event, you can select the method you preferred. 

a. Google Analytics will track no matter the order status is pending, success, or fail
b. Google Analytics can only track pending and success orders
c. Google Analytics will track the paid order only

Step 8 : Save settings.


Part II: Install Tag Assistant

Step 1 : Install Tag Assistant extension in your Google Chrome browser

Step 2 : Go to your website > Enable the Tag Assistant

Step 3 : Refresh you page > then you are able to see the your Google Analytics is running. 

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