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This article walks you through the first step to set up your store (your website) which is where your customers can browse for your products, place orders, and make payment to you. Have a good start with your online business adventure!

In this article:

  1. Create a new store

  2. Add a custom domain

1. Create a new store

⚠️ Before started, here are some important notes about store name :

  • If you sign up using Facebook or Google account, store name will follow your email address name before @

  • Store name will be used by system to auto generate a free domain for your store in the format https://storename.easy.co

  • You can change your store name later but the .easy.co domain is unchangeable.

Step 1 : To create a store, sign up to a 14-day free trial store with us. Now you have the options to sign up with Facebook or Google account, or sign up with email address

  • Business name - Normally is your company / brand name

  • First & Last name - This will be your user profile name. One store can have multiple users (staff or admin role)

  • Mobile number - Your phone number so we could reach out to you easily!

  • Email address - This will be your registered email address with EasyStore, you can change it afterward

  • Password - Your password should have at least 9 characters and must include upper-case letters, lower-case letters, and number

Step 2 : Upon signing up, you may log in to your EasyStore Admin to start setting up your store, design your store, and so on.

Step 3 : To visit your website, you may click into Channels > Online store and click the icon

2. Add a custom domain

Except for the complimentary .easy.co domain, you also can add custom domains like .com or .my domain to your store (recommended). There are two methods:

⚠️ Kindly take note :

Once done the above, you can start referring to the remaining steps for online store setup checklist to complete setting up your basic store below :

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