About Contact Form PlusContact form plus makes it possible for merchants to collect the survey responses from their own customers by using their own customized contact form.

1. Admin > Apps > Browse all apps  > Contact Form plus.

2. Install this app

3.  Fulfill the setting
*The submission of form will send to email address above.

4.  The button will appear on the bottom of form to let your customers send out the completed form.


5.  You can select multiple input fields in one form.  

Choose a Text field  > Add selected input (*note that after select or change selection have to click Add selected input)

E.g.  Checkbox > Add selected input

The changes will show at the Output (scroll down the page)

6.  Output
Fill in the title, description about this form,  required information.

7.  Save all settings

8. View your homepage , a 'Contact us' tab will automatically added in your top navigation menu. Click it and have a look!

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