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a. Introduction
b. Installation of Instagram feed

a. Introduction

With this app you are able to display Instagram pictures at your homepage, showing with the engagement (likes & comments). Upon clicking the pictures, it will redirect to your Instagram account page. It is more easier to get followers with preview your awesome pictures than a small Instagram logo.

Try Instagram Feed app! It will show your Instagram images on the home page of your store.

b. Installation of Instagram feed

1.EasyStore Admin > Apps > More apps > Search for 'Instagram feed' app 

2. Install this app

3. Connect to Instagram

4. Log in your Instagram account

5. Edit your title & display settings > Save settings

💡 Tips:
Number of images : Total images to display
Image per rows : Number of images for every row
E.x. Number of images = 10; Images per rows = 5. In total, you will have 2 rows. 

Hope this helps! 😍

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