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  1. Introduction
  2. Create a link to direct your customers to more products
  3. Tips
  4. Important note

1. Introduction

Sometimes, customers came to your store just to browse around and see what you've got here, they are not yet looking for a specific products. This is the time they should be exposed to as many products as possible. The more products they see, the higher chance they found what they want and place order. This article shows you how to create a link on your home page to bring your customers to the complete collection of your featured products. 

2. Create a link to bring your customers to more products

2.1 Go to EasyStore Admin > Themes > Edit Source.

2.2. Look for snippets > click into snippets/featured-product.liquid

2.3.  Scroll to the bottom > paste code below after the last row.

{% if collection.products >= 20%}
<hr class="hr--clear">
<div class="text-center">
    <a class="" href="/collections/all" title="View More Products">View More Products →</a>
{% endif %}

2.4. Save once you are done.

3. Tips:

3.1. You can change the title to your preference, e.x. View All Products

3.2. You can adjust the placement of the button by changing the "center" to "right"/"left"

3.3 You can make the link look as button by adding "btn" or "btn btn--secondary".

4. Important note:

4.1. The "View More Products" button will only display if your featured products have more or equal to 20.

4.2 To categorize products as featured products, go to Products > click into the product > Collections > Feature on homepage.

Additional GIF for extra reference:

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