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a. About Wishpond
b. Install Wishpond

a. About Wishpond

Wishpond’s mission is to make it easy for marketers to grow their business. 

Implementing a pop-up form on your site seems like an easy shortcut to building a huge list. Simply add one to your site, create a compelling, benefit-driven offer, and watch the money roll in.
These are purposes with using Pop-up form: Increase social media following, answer a frequent customer question, conduct a survey, grow an email list, 

Wishpond’s marketing platform includes tools for:

Create pop-up subscription box


You will need to sign up an account with Wishpond before you can enjoy the apps.

b. Install Wishpond

  1. Log into your Wishpond account > Create Popup

2. Select your preferable template > Customize it > Click "Next"

3. Name your popup > Choose Popup type (choose Entry Popup) 


4. Fill up necessary information > Insert your store URL

5. Copy the code

6. EasyStore Admin > Apps > Search Wishpond

7. Install this app

8. Paste the code > Save settings

9.  View your store now

Hope this help!

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