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a. Introduction
b. Installation of Announcement Bar

a. Introduction

Now you can stick an important message on top of your store with a button. Easily setting, fully customization. Sometime customer might not alert with your promotion, or any notifications. Stick it on top with a full-screen banner (the colour suggest to be big different from your background colour). A button makes the information delivery work completely.

b. Installation of Announcement Bar 

1. EasyStore Admin > Apps > Search Announcement Bar

2. Install this app 

2. Write your message, edit the options available.

3. You can 'Enable button' to insert your own 'Button text' and 'Button Link'

*When the customers click on 'Button text', the 'Button link' will redirect them to the link inserted.

4. You can preview the outcome at the bottom

4. Save changes

Extra GIF image reference:

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