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  1. Introduction

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1. Introduction

Frustrated with updating your products one by one? No worries, here comes the function - update products in bulk. Let's say all your products have to make changes, instead of click into every products, you can export all your products into a list, edit and import back. 

Utilize export and import function, modify products in bulk by an simple, accurate and time-saving way.

📌 Note: Kindly remove the image links under columns Image 1, 2 & 3 when updating the product or else the system will duplicate the product images

2. Export products

2.1 First, you need to download your products. Go to EasyStore Admin > Products > More > Export products

2.2 Choose the products and file format you want to download > Export.

2.3 Open the downloaded Excel or CSV file and update your product details in the file accordingly. You may refer to this guide to understand each column in the file.

⚠️ Important note:

  • Do not add or delete columns

  • Do not amend column Handle. If amended, system will recognize it as new product and create a new one instead of updating the current product.

2.4 Once done,  save the file in .xlsx or .csv format.

3. Import products

3.1 Go back to Admin > Products > More > Import products

3.2  Click on Choose file to choose the file you saved earlier.

3.3 The system fields should have been mapped over to your file columns automatically. Now click Import.

3.4 The products are updated successfully.

3.5 Done

Here would be the details in the Product Import file:

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