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  1. Introduction
  2. Create new collection
  3. Adding product into collection
  4. Creating sub-collection and adjust collection sequence

1. Introduction

Creating product categories or collections is an important step in the process of building your online store. Clear category names allow you to manage your products efficiently and let customers easily found what they are looking for.

2. Create new collection

Method 1

2.1.1 EasyStore Admin > Products > Collections > Add collection > fill in the followings > Save.

  • Title : collection name
  • Featured image ( optional )
  • Content ( optional )
  • Visibility

Method 2

2.2.1 Create new collection while adding product into collection, refer to Step 3 Tips.

3. Adding product into collection

Method 1 ( add single product )

3.1.1 Admin > Products > Add / edit product > click on any white space under Collections.

3.1.2 Check the collection(s) you would like to add this product into > Confirm > Done.

  • Tips: You can create new collection during this method by clicking on + Add new collection > fill in the new collection name > √

Method 2 ( add products by bulk )

3.1.2 Admin > Products > check the products you would like to manage collections > Collections > check the collections you would like to add these products into > Assign collections > Done.

4. Adding sub-collection and changing collection sequence

4.1 Products > Collections > use drag-and-drop method to create sub-collections ( maximum 3 levels ).

4.2 You also can use drag-and-drop method to change collection sequence.

More info:

  • All collections will be shown under the default "Catalog" navigator under main menu. You can disable "Catalog", refer here.
  • You also can add additional single collection on main menu, guide here.
  • This is how Featured image and Content will be displayed in collection page, example: Toy collection

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