Why am I not seeing any Staff's button in my control panel? Can't find it anywhere else. 

With Staff feature: 

without Staff feature :

Reason? This happened because you are not the owner of the store.

"Staff" feature will appear only if you are the owner of the store, it will not show to any other users or admin.

Therefore, if you would like to access to this feature :

  • Make sure you are the owner OR
  • You will have to login to your store's owner account (with owner's permission)

What is the Staff button do?
If you hire agents / staffs / members to manage your store, this feature allows you to "Add Staff" to manage on what they can access on your store. Technically, differentiate their roles. 

(Refer to the image below)

You will have the permission to grant full access to your staff.
Or specify access to certain parts of your store for instance, products / orders / customers / discounts and etc.

After you have added a Staff and wish to do changes, just proceed to click on the Staff name to edit his/her role and what field can he/she access to. 

If you would like to delete a Staff, kindly click "Revoke" will do.

Click "Update" once you are done.

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