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  1. Introduction
  2. Add new user/admin

1. Introduction

You can add staff or admin to manage your store, you are able to set limited access for the user as well. 

2. Add new user/admin

2.1 Go to EasyStore Admin > Settings > Staff > click on 'Add Staff'.

2.2 Fill up the name email address to add a staff member. Choose to give full access or specify access to access these specified functions.

2.3 Save!

Must know:

  • The staff who have full access to do amendment in all functions 
  • If the staff is an existing EasyStore user, he/she will receive invitation email and see the store in his/her EasyStore account.
  • If the staff is not an existing EasyStore user, he/she will receive an invitation email to accept the invitation.

The invitation shown as below:

Attached is the GIF image for extra reference:

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