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1. About Product Description Tabs
2. Install Product Description Tabs

1. About Product Description Tabs

Product Description Tabs allows you easily configure any Heading in your product description as tab header. Classify lengthy description and your customer can choose their most interested topic to read. 



2. Install Product Description Tabs 

Step 1 : EasyStore Admin> Apps >  More Apps > Search Product Description Tabs > Install this app

Step 2 : Select your Background Colour and Text Colour > Save

Step 3 : Back to Products > Click on your product > Scroll to Description > Pick the Parapragh format (required) > Save

💡 Tips: If your description tab came with underline, and you wish to remove it.

Kindly proceed to Channels > Online Store > Edit Source > theme.scss > Look for product-description-tabs using Ctrl + F > Add text-decoration: none; after &,a{

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