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a. About Description template
b. Add template
c. Additional Information (Product Description Tabs)

a. About Description template

Description template allows you to have the same content of description for every product. By this, you can apply the same template to every product instead of pasting one by one. 

b. Add template

1. EasyStore Admin > Products > Templates > Add template 

2. Name the template (only for internal use) > Insert your description content 

Important note:

Not forget to highlight the title by HEADING.

3. Save.

c. Additional Information (Product Description Tabs) 

If you install Product Description Tabs app at the same time, it allows you to have a neat description tab for all products. 

Before enabling Product Description Tabs 

 After enabling Product Description Tabs 

1. EasyStore Admin > Apps > Product Description Tabs > Install

2. Save Setting 

3. Go to Products page > Click into product > Highlight the title by HEADING > Save

Hope this help!

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