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a. About Product Labels
b. Install Product Label v2.0

c. Select product to display labels

a. About Product Labels

Product labels allow you to add customized labels for each product. You can either choose to use your own customized words as a label or select an existing label image. Therefore, it will attract customers with your product labels and deliver a short message to customers.



b. Install Product Label v2.0

Step 1 : EasyStore Admin> Apps > More Apps > Search for: Product Label v2.0 > Install the app

Step 2 :  Select Add Label

Step 3 : Insert your label name & display method

  • Use label name as label

  • Select an image as label

  • Insert Image link as label

If you select 'Use label name as label' display method, you can select your :

  • preferred label background colour

  • label text colour

  • font size

  • label shape

If you select 'Select an image as label' display method, you can directly choose and select the image label that has been provided.

If you select 'Insert Image link as label' display method, you can copy the image url and paste it in the Label link column.

Kindly be informed that the recommended size would be 56px x 56px

Step 4 : You can select the label position for these 3 display method

💡 Tips : You can preview the outcome at the right side of the Product Label v2.0 page

Step 5 : Save changes and you're all done!

Here's the final result :

c. Select product to display labels

Step 1 : Click into Products > Select product > More Actions > Manage Product Label

Step 2 : Choose Applied label and select the product label that you wish to display for your products

💡 Tips : If you wish to remove the label from the product(s), you can click on 'Choose one action' and select 'Remove Label' > Save

Step 3 : Tick on the product(s) that you wish to display the product label

Step 4 : Click Save and you have successfully added the product label!

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