Role play as a customer to place an order with real transaction to ensure that checkout process including settings for order processing, payment, shipping, and taxes are correct.

  1. Place an order ( tax and discount involve here)
  2. Checkout ( payment and shipping involve here)
  3. Manage your order

*Note: Your store logo will now be displayed on every checkout page. 

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1. Place an order

a) Click to enter your store's product page > Select the Variant (Eg: Colour, Size etc) and Quantity > Add to cart > View Cart

b) Checkout * Shipping, taxes and discounts will be calculated at checkout*

2. Checkout 

Shipping: Flat rate per order ( RM7.20 )

Taxes: Not setting any tax so tax is not available here)

a) Once placing order, you can proceed to the payment.
b) Have chosen PayPal as the payment method. For more payment options, you can refer here.
c) Login using your email and insert your password to complete the order.

3. Manage your order

Once order is placed, you will be notified by your registered email address and also 'Orders' page. You can manage the order at this page.

a) Filter your order by 'Paid' for fulfillment process.

b) Once order is paid, you can proceed to fulfill the order. 

What is fulfillment? 

Fulfillment is a process for merchant to update the order shipment status to customer after the parcel has been shipped. Tracking number, courier service and tracking URL are filled. After fulfilling the order, the customer will receive an email regarding the tracking information of the order.

Learn more about fulfillment here. 

*Kindly take note that this is a real transaction for testing purpose, you can refund the payment manually after ensuring that the payment and shipping method are working.*

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