Is this your usual procedure to place an order for parcel delivery?

1. Receive payment from customer
2. Get mailing details from customer
3. Log in EasyParcel account and type your customer's mailing details
4. Place order and make payment
5. Download Air Waybill
6. Inform your customers with the tracking number

With EasyParcel, you can make them into only 2 steps :

1. Fulfill order with EasyParcel
2. Download Air Waybill

📌 Important note :

Here are the steps to fulfill orders with EasyParcel Malaysia

Step 1 : Once an order is placed and the payment is made, you can fulfill the order by clicking the [Fulfill] button > EasyParcel Malaysia

Step 2 : Select pickup date > Select delivery option > Click Quote Shipping rate

Step 3 : Select the courier that you prefer > Click Fulfill order

Step 4 : Download your Air Waybill and print it out

📌 Note : An email with tracking number & tracking URL will be sent to your customer

So now, you just need to wait for the postman to collect the parcel from your location!

💡 Tips:

You can add a surcharge to the rates e.g. fixed rate of handling fee or a percentage of the order as well as enabling free shipping when an order amount exceeded a threshold.

You can choose your Default Local Pickup Courier now!

When you are fulfilling the orders in bulk, your default courier will appear as such:

You also can choose to show or hide international shipping rates.

View this article for more information.

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