⚠️ Important note : If you have synced an EasyStore product to your Youbeli account, deleting this product from EasyStore will also delete the product from your Youbeli account and it is unrecoverable.

Youbeli.com is an online marketplace in Malaysia which provides the optimum platform to generate traffic expertise to help retailers increase their online business sales. According to Youbeli, thousands of sellers have managed to increase their sales and reach new customers by leveraging on Youbeli’s e-commerce platform.

EasyStore's merchants special

EasyStore's merchants can enjoy transaction fee on selling products as low as 4.5% (it subjects to changes by Youbeli) instead of 6%. This fee will only occur when your product is successfully sold on Youbeli. 

Refer this link for FAQ & seller registration: https://www.youbeli.com/marketplace

Sync products from EasyStore to Youbeli

Important note

  • Make sure you have a Youbeli account, you can refer here for more details.
  • Make sure you have your Store ID & Access Key. You can request it through store@youbeli.com.

 1.EasyStore Admin > Apps > Featured apps > Search Youbeli.

2. Install this app 

3. Fill in your Seller ID & Access Key > Save
If you do not have that, kindly request it through store@youbeli.com.

4. Click [Category matching] on tab menu, you will see categories list of your store. If you don’t see your category or the category is missing from list, click [Refresh categories]

5. Next, we need to do category matching.
Click the pencil icon for all categories to match. You will see this when matching, click on category to match. Click [Confirm] to save.

6. To check whether your store category is matched, you can see on [Youbeli category] column

7.  Go to Products > Pick a product that you would like to sync to Youbeli > Click+

8. Look for Youbeli > Publish 

Important note
If the page remains unchanged, you can hover to the "Cross" button to see the error message.

6. If the product is listed successfully, the button will change to a  ✅

7. You can view the list of products that have synced to Youbeli through Apps > Youbeli > Product sync

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