Your store has been selling for a period of time and now is time to review your sales performance? Our Report function can help.

Choose your report type

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore Admin > Reports.

Step 2 : Choose whether you would like to view your sales by Daily, Weekly or Monthly > click on 'Calendar logo' on top. Let's take weekly report as example.

Choose your date range

Step 3 : At the top right area of the page, click on the date box and you will have a drop-down list where you can choose your preferred date range. Let's choose 'Custom Range' for the purpose of this guide.

Step 4 : After clicking 'Custom Range', a calender will appear at the left. You may now choose your preferred date range.

Let's say we want to look at the total sales for each day in Feb and Mar, we choose 1-Jan to 28-Feb.

Step 5 : Here you are, the daily analytics for the date from 1-Jan to 28-Feb You can hover your mouse over the point to view the exact visitors/ pageviews / sales amount.

Step 6 : Further by scrolling down, you will have a table showing more details of the day - average order value, repeat purchase rate (how many purchase are made by repeated customers).

Repeat customer rate = customer who purchase more than 1 time
Products units sold = which products has the highest purchase units
Sales by products = which products has the highest purchase amount

Sales by customer = who is the top loyal customer
Sales by country = which country has the best sales
Sales by currency = which is the most frequent currency
Sales by source = where did the orders come from

Step 7 : Done √

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