Have no idea what product to sell?

No worries, you can now integrate with the largest dropship platform in Southeast Asia, Kumoten! Sync any product to your store without inserting product description or uploading product images. All the products' details will be synced in 1 shot. 

It's simple, easy, and fast! :D

Kindly right click > Open image in new tab or Save image as to download the image for better illustration.

Part I: Install Kumoten

1.EasyStore Admin > Apps > Featured apps > Search Kumoten Dropship

2. Install Kumoten

3. Insert the registered retailer email and click "SAVE", if you do not have a reseller account, kindly click "here" to register a retailer account.

4. Sign in Kumoten retailer account

5. You are able to see the Kumoten homepage after you sign in.

Part II: Add product to store

1. Select "CATEGORY" > Select product and click "Buy Now"

2. Click "Add to MyStore"

3. Go to "My Store"

4. The products you added will be listed in "My Store".

Attached GIF image for extra reference:-

Part III: Sync product to EasyStore

1. Click on the product you would like to sync to EasyStore

a. There will be a retail price for you to refer, the cost is the price that Kumoten sell to you. 

b. You may bear the shipping fee with Kumoten, or you may charge the shipping fee to your customer in EasyStore

c. Kindly take note with the price you inserted, Kumoten will automatically added the average of WM and EM shipping rate to the product price. For example: (RM9 + RM13.95) / 2 = RM11.475

Therefore, the final price synced to EasyStore will be RM222.05 + RM11.475 = RM 233.53

2. You may select Category > Amend the selling price > then click "Sync to EasyStore"

a. Only able to select the main category at this moment.

b. The product details and variants will sync to EasyStore together. 

3. The product has been successfully synced to EasyStore

Attached GIF image for extra reference:-

Part IV: Review in EasyStore Admin

  1. EasyStore > Products, you are able to see the product that synced from Kumoten.

2. All the product details are completely synced to EasyStore

a. Worry-free, the quantity of product is always updated with Kumoten. If the product is out of stock, a "Sold out" label will be displayed in EasyStore as well. 

b. The product will be published by the system, you may unpublish it if you do not wish to publish the product. 

3. The product has been listed on the website.

Part V: Auto sync order & Order fulfilment 

1. The order will automatically sync to Kumoten if the order contains with Kumoten product. 

2. When Kumoten received the order, Kumoten will further proceed to fulfil the order. 

3. If the order contains Kumoten product, and seller's product, the fulfilment status sync back from Kumoten will be "Partially fulfil".

The final step

The "Address line 2" in Setting > Checkout must be "Required". Otherwise, there will be an error while proceeding to checkout. 

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