A domain, or website address (URL), is how your customers find your store and products on the internet. It's what people will type into their address bar (ex. yourstorename.com) when visiting your online store.

All EasyStore users (free trial or subscriber) will get a free EasyStore hosted domain upon signing up. The domain will be "yourstorename.easy.co"

You may use your own custom domain for better branding (ex: yourstorename.com or yourstorename.co).

There are two ways you can use your own domain name:

1. If you have purchased a domain name from a third-party domain registrar, you can connect your domain name to your EasyStore by pointing the A record to our IP address ( & setting up your CNAME. 

Read the full guide here

2. Purchase a new domain name through EasyStore. Read the guide here

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