I. Introduction

II. Stage 1: Grace Period (Renewed via EasyStore)

III. Stage 2: Redemption period

V. Stage 4: Domain owned by YummyNames

I. Introduction

An individual or business with its own domain typically appears to be more established and professional than someone with a website built on a free server. Also, getting a own domain name may linked to its identity and brand.

In order to prevent any website interruption due to domain expired, our system will auto charge and auto renewal for your domain name to keep your domain status active. Nevertheless, there were some unforeseen circumstances that the renewal process could not been succeed, and therefore, lead to the expiry of the domain.

When your domain is expired, you may face the risk of losing the ownership of your domain. You are highly encouraged to renew your domain within 3 days after the expiry date to increase the chances of that you can renew successfully. 

To renew your domain, you can go to:

Settings > Domains > Registered domain > Renew domain

Why you need to renew your domain immediately once it's expired?

II. Stage 1: Grace Period (Renewed via EasyStore)

When your domain name has expired and your domain name has not been updated within the 40-day grace period, your domain name will enter the redemption period (40 days to 70 days) and the domain name will be registered to be deleted and eventually discarded or auctioned.

During the redemption period, if the domain name is not in the real-time bidding, the domain name is still considered to be owned by the registrant. The original registrant must redeem the domain name before it can sell the domain name.

Important note: Once the domain name is queued for real-time bidding, the original registrant cannot redeem it.

III. Stage 2: Redemption period ( Domain expired 70-100 days)

During the redemption period, if YummyNames decides to renew the domain name, it is added to the YummyNames portfolio and added to the display contextual ad page. During this period, the domain name can only be sold to the original registrant. 

Let say your domain has falls under this redemption period and you wished to get back the domain name, you can contact us at support@easystore.co. We will contact YummyNames regarding the price for renewal.

IV. Stage 3: Domain owned by YummyNames (Domain expired 100-250 days)

During this period, expired domain names will continue to show under contextual ads. YummyNames will decide to retain the domain name or to sell the domain name. Whether the domain name can be sold is determined by YummyNames Portfolio Manager.

And now, your expired domain name will open to public for purchasing. Anyone is welcomed to purchase the domain name. If you wished to redeem back the domain name, you can contact us at support@easystore.co. Minimum redemption price of US $80 and renewal price of RM60 may apply, depending on the type of domain and domain extension. 

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