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a. Introduction
b. Purchase a domain name through EasyStore

a. Introduction

A domain, or website address (URL), is how your customers find your store and products on the internet. It's what people will type into their address bar (ex. when visiting your online store.
All EasyStore users (free trial or subscriber) will get a free EasyStore hosted domain upon signing up. The domain will be ""

You may purchase a custom domain name for better branding such as .com, .net, .co, and etc through EasyStore.


  • There will be additional charges and the price will depend on the domain extension.
  • Domain verification will take up to 24 hours.

b. Purchase a domain name through EasyStore

  1. EasyStore Admin > Settings > Domains > Add domain 

2. Insert your preferred domain name > click on the magnifying glass icon > select your preferred extension (ex. .com, .net) > Buy

3.  If the domain name is available, you will get to fill in your information 


An error message will show to you if the domain name is taken. 

4. Select a domain name subscription period

5. Check your purchase with the summary (domain name, period, price)

6. Once the purchasing process is completed, kindly allow 1 working day for your domain name to go online.

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