When visiting the website, a message of "Connection is not private/secure" occurred/displays before it directs to the website. The is due to the SSL issue, you may activate the free SSL to resolved this issue.

Kindly follow the steps bellow to activate the free SSL:-

1. Before proceed to activate the free SSL, kindly make sure your domain status is "Verified".

Remarks: To verify the domain status, you have to point your DNS records correctly. You may refer to this guideline to point your DNS records to EasyStore. (Kindly take note, it will not take immediate effect. The system will refresh every 2 hours to turn the status to "verified" if you have pointed correctly.)

For the domain purchased from EasyStore, the DNS records will be pointed correctly by default. 

2. After the domain status has been "Verified", you may click on "Manage" and "Activate" the free SSL.

If you have own purchase SSL, you can select "Add Custom SSL" and add your own SSL as well. 

3. After the free SSL was activated, you are able to see the green secure icon next to your domain name.

4. Once the SSL has been activated, the "Connection is not private/secure" error will be resolved. Your website URL will turn to https, it's secure and good to go.

SSL is not only to secure your website, also to encrypt your website which is good for SEO and could lead to a boost in your search position.

Must know:


  • If you're using Google Webmaster Tools, make sure to re-add the property (guide to add Google Webmaster Tools)
  • If you’re enabling payment gateway as your payment method, make sure you change your Return & Call Back URL from HTTP > HTTPS.
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