1. DNS Management 

In order to connect your domain with EasyStore, you will need a DNS hosting to point your domain to EasyStore. 

Most of the service providers domain do not come with DNS hosting, so you have to subscribe/pay the DNS hosting annually. 

If you purchase the domain with EasyStore, you are able to get the DNS hosting and you are able to manage your DNS records as well. 

2. Auto Setup

If your domain is purchased from EasyStore, the system will auto setup and pointing your A record and CNAME to EasyStore. 

Therefore, you do not need to have extra work to configure the A record and CNAME. Domain will go live within 10-15 minutes. 

3. Technical Support

If you are facing issue with your domain name, EasyStore will fully in charge with your domain name issue and assist on the further technical issue. 

4. Auto Renewal

In order to prevent any website interruption due to domain expired, our system will auto charge and auto renewal for your domain name to keep your domain status active.

Before proceeding to auto renewal, the system will send a reminder email to remind merchant that the system will auto renew for the domain (prior to 1 month of the domain expired date). If the merchant does not agree/allow auto renewal, merchant can request to cancel the auto renewal or go to Setting > Domain >  select the domain > Turn off 

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