Wanted to offer the CollectCo service to your customers? Here's how to do it with EasyStore platform: 

1. Install the CollectCo App at our Apps Store.
2. Sign up an account at CollectCo website.
3. Inside the CollectCo dashboard, remote to:
   Cart Integrations > New Integrations > EasyStore

4. After you select the EasyStore Logo, the "Enter your shopping cart configuration"       will appear some column as shown. (Refer to the step 5 for the ID and Secret)

5. Remote to the CollectCo App settings inside the EasyStore platform, copy the               Client ID and Client secret and paste them into the respective column at step 4.

6. At this point, you had successfully integrated the CollectCo to the EasyStore                 platform. And now you can fulfill the order with CollectCo service. 

7. After fulfilling the order, you need to pay for the order at:
   CollectCO dashboard > My Parcels

Important notes: Remember to "Select Drop Off Location (ALL ORDERS)"

8. Lastly, you can print out the consignment note at:
     CollectCO dashboard > My Parcels > Ongoing Parcels 

9. Here is an example of consignment note: 

Important Notes: 

  • DO NOT deliver parcel directly to CollectCo stores without creating an order with CollectCo at send.collectco.my. 
  • The weight of parcel cannot more than 15kg. 
  • The maximum volumetric dimension is 64,000cm3 

        For example:
        40 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm = 64,000cm3 (Accepted)
        50 cm x 70 cm x 90 cm = 315,000cm3 (Rejected)

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