About Drift

Drift allows you talk to your website visitors and customers in real-time, from anywhere. 

Install Drift

1. EasyStore Control Panel > Apps > Browse all apps  > Drift

2. Click on it > Click Visit site to install  > 

3. Enter your email address to get started.

4. Select Javascript as the option.

5. Pick your user type.

6. Copy the code > Back to EasyStore Apps page in a new tab

7. Click on Drift > Paste your code > Save settings

Hold on, few more steps!..........

8. Click Next: Verify This Setup

9. Insert your website URL > Verify

10. You will see this if the verification is successful.

*If you have forgotten to copy the code, don't panic! :)

You may click into https://start.drift.com/login > Log in to your Drift account > Scroll to Bottom left corner where you get to view your own profile > Settings > Chat wigdet > Install > Copy code > You're done! :D

GIF Tutorial:
You may right-click > "Open image in new tab" or "Save image as" for a better and clearer view of it.  

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