In this article:
I. Introduction
II. Enable Singe Page Checkout
III. Demo of Single Page Checkout Experience

I. Introduction

Convenience and simplicity are a must for most customers, especially when the online shopping experience is moving towards mobile. Overcomplicating your check out process can result in lost sales and abandoned checkout. This is why single page checkout is here to rescue! Skip multiple pages navigation to fill up details, select shipping and payment methods. Your customers can now do it all in a single page.

II. How to enable Single Page Checkout

1. Go to Settings

2. Select Checkout

3. Go to Checkout Experience"and select Single Page Checkout

Note: Single Page checkout is available for Standard & Business plan.

III. Demo of Single Page Checkout Experience

Except for EasyStore's built-in pickup location feature, all logistic applications for parcel pickup (eg: CollectCo,  Pgeon) are not available on single page checkout.

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